The stories behind a project fuel and bring it to life. The story of Loop VR and its wolf’s head logo is inspired by a German Shepherd dog who came into our lives in 2015.

He was old, sick and abandoned when we found him in our backyard. After many adventures, we decided to adopt him.

We affectionately nicknamed him Loop (as one of our team members is a DJ among other things). Loop enjoyed a year and a half of happy retirement, filling our hearts with love before departing this world.

No matter how brief someone’s visit is, it serves a purpose. Each experience teaches us something and Loop taught us that even in difficult situations, there is always a chance to transform energy into something magnificent. For us, there are no coincidences in this universe.

Loop Virtual Reality Solutions will carry on his memory.

Great qualities we value as a Team


Core Value :

We believe that life experiences are valuable lessons for the development of a person's essence, whether they yield positive or negative outcomes.


Core Value :

Our limitless imagination allows us to develop new dimensions, blending virtual reality with different perspectives of thinking.


Core Value :

Our mindset is focused on growth because we are convinced that we can always learn something new.


Core Value :

We aspire to always improve our technical skills in VR software / editing VR 360 photo-video because it’s a necessity to provide quality to our clients.


Core Value :

Structure is important because we can easily get lost in billions of ideas and thoughts.


Core Value :

We know how to have fun, even under pressure.

What happens next ? 


Having received and processed your request, we will get back to you shortly to detail your project needs and vision.


After examining requirements, our analysts and developers devise a project proposal with the scope of works, team size, time, and cost estimates.


We arrange a meeting with you to discuss the offer and come to an agreement.


We sign a contract and start working on your project as quickly as possible.